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Welcome to Unalome Design, where creativity, mindfulness, and purposeful living converge.

A sanctuary for conscious entrepreneurs seeking to grow and thrive

Why Unalome?

An Unalome is a symbol that represents the path to “Enlightenment”. This path is never a straight line, it has twists and turns that represent the difficulties and lessons you encounter in life (and in business!)

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How it started...

I started Unalome Design to help small businesses and entrepreneurs build thriving ventures that make a difference..

My goal is to help you build a solid foundation so that you can easily overcome the difficulties that show up in your journey.

Behind the Brand

Hola! I'm Ana

I'm a designer, yoga teacher, and perpetual wanderer weaving creativity, mindfulness, and a healthy dose of wanderlust into everything I do.

Through Unalome Design, I have the privilege of collaborating with inspiring humans to craft designs that capture the soul of their brand and attract the perfect crew. 

woman sitting on the floor smiling at the camera
portrait photo of a woman looking and smiling at the camera
staircase leading to a beach in Manta, Ecuador
woman swimming with a shark
woman doing yoga at the beach
People laying on the grass on yoga mats with a view of mountains in the background
a paradisiac beach in Arraial do Cabo, Brazil

What else...

✈ I traded in my Argentinian roots for a passport in 2017 and haven't looked back.

🌊 You can usually find me somewhere warm, laptop perched on a sandy beach, soaking up inspiration.

💫 While my days are often spent behind my laptop, my true north lies in fostering connections.

⚡ Whether it's guiding students through yoga or collaborating with passionate entrepreneurs, I thrive on helping others find their strength and express their unique stories. 

🌴 I help build brands that stand tall, and are rooted in purpose. 

Contact me:
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Unalome Design logo mark

First impressions matter, right?

The way your business looks sets the stage for everything else – it draws in the right folks and whispers your story before you even say a word. That's why I see design as a KEY part of your venture, the foundation you build that sturdy house of dreams on.

Whether it's a website makeover or a head-to-toe brand identity shift, I'm your partner in crafting intentional design. Forget cookie-cutter templates and one-size-fits-all solutions. Here, we dig deep into your brand's essence, your values, your goals, and then conjure visuals that sing your unique tune.


You won't just attract the right clients, you'll build a community that resonates with your passion and fuels your journey.

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Ready to build a brand that reflects your passion and attracts the right audience?

Let's work together to take your business to the next level!

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