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Botánica Wellness Apothecary

Botánica Wellness Apothecary

(Personal Project) 

This project is a personal passion project showcasing my skills in crafting brand identity and website design for businesses aligned with wellness and natural living. 

Imagine a boutique herbalist haven dedicated to the art and science of harnessing nature's healing power. That's Botánica Wellness Apothecary, a business with a mission to empower individuals with natural, holistic remedies and solutions for a balanced and vibrant life. 

Project Scope: My role was to design a comprehensive brand identity and website that captures the essence of Botánica's philosophy. 

This included: 

Logo and Brand Identity: Developing a logo and visual language that reflects Botánica's commitment to nature's bounty and a holistic approach to wellness. 

Website Design: Creating a user-friendly and visually appealing website that showcases their services and products. 

Overall Brand Experience: Crafting a cohesive brand experience that resonates with their target audience seeking a natural path to wellness. 

This project allowed me to explore the intersection of nature-inspired design and user-friendly functionality, ultimately creating a platform for Botánica to connect with their audience and share their passion for holistic wellness.

The website was created and is being hosted on Wix Studio.

Botánica Wellness Apothecary
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